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Curriculum Vitae

Schläpfer, Daniel Rolf,, Prof.

Switzerland; born in St.Gallen.

Daniel Schläpfer received a masters degree in geography and atmospheric physics at the University of Zurich in summer 1994. During his dissertation work he focused on the physically based retrieval of atmospheric constituents from imaging spectroscopy data. He received the Ph. degree in natural sciences in fall 1998 and he holds a teacher's degree in geography and physics. In 2009, he received a teaching professor degree from state of St.Gallen.

His current scientific work focuses on the implementation of sophisticated tools for the processing and validation of image spectrometry data. These tasks include:

In 2000, he founded the company ReSe Applications which was transformed in a limited liability company in 2018. which is focused on the development and distribution of imaging spectroscopy related software. Furthermore, he also holds a teaching position at the physics department of Kantonsschule Wil (Junior College).


Graduating at high school in St.Gallen, Switzerland.
1988 - 1989:
Electrical engineering at the ETH Zürich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
1989 - 1991:
Bachelor equivalent degree in geography at the University of Zürich. Additional exams in experimental physics, mathematics and geology.
1991 - 1994:
Studies in methodological geography (remote sensing and geographic information systems); RSL, Department of Geography. Master's thesis on imaging spectrometry of atmospheric trace gases.
Master degree in geography (University of Zürich); additional degree in atmospheric physics (ETH Zürich).
'Schläfli' - award by the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences, issued for the Master thesis.
1995 - 1996:
Research semester at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, LANL New Mexico (USA), development of a new methodology for atmospheric water vapor detection.
1995 - 1998:
Ph.D. student at the Remote Sensing Applications Division of RSL and the air quality monitoring group of the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI, Villigen)
Spring 1998:
Bachelor equivalent degree in physics at the University of Zürich
Fall 1998:
Ph.D. Graduation in natural sciences ( at the University of Zürich.
Spring 1999:
Teaching degree in geography and physics by the University of Zürich.
Summer 2009:
Teaching professor degree of state St.Gallen.

Professional Activities

PhD Position funded by the Swiss national science foundation and Paul Scherrer Insitute (PSI) at Univ. of Zurich and PSI.
Research Scientist at the Remote Sensing Laboratories (RSL) of the University of Zurich.
Since 2008:
Lecturer at the University of Zurich.
Since 2000:
Self-employed at the single-owned company ReSe Applications Schlaepfer.
Since 2003:
Teaching position at 'Kantonschule Wil' (college level).

Selected Scientific Projects and Activities

Recent Publications

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